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An overlooked essential for health and happiness
Cool yes we need to look within, not the other way, not seeking brownie points from others. trust our own wisdom. What I witness a lot in the so called raw food movement and all so called movements. .. is the level of marketing that makes people (paying customers) feel good, approved of, and super cool IF THEY PURCHASE this or that or rave about this or that… It’s very common. It seems to reflect the neediness of people to feel as though they belong, or are part of some group identity – I personally dont even like the word raw food movement!!!! Any time peeps start talking of a ‘movement’ I feel I want to run a mile in the other direction. WE ARE all our own leaders and followers..
What I like about the Mother magazine is that there has never ever been a whisper of this hype or sense of movement or sense of rah rah rah.. A mag and family with deep integrity and passion and love… and its THAT that creates the popularity and success of this publication. We all could be supporting and networking businesses like the Mother mag, its REAL and it’s one of those huge huge gifts to society, humanity and our systers of the future.. πŸ™‚ x

An overlooked essential for health and happiness
yes time for transparancy and waking up and it begins with me πŸ™‚ it begins with us.. πŸ™‚

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thankyou for this, will share it πŸ™‚ x

The Raw Vegan Village: your reaction
“I wonder if the raw food movement (if you could call it that) has moved from a countercultural position to a β€šΓ„Γ²cutting-edge’ mainstream-slash-corporate position β€šΓ„ΒΆ and in so doing has lost its soul? ” RM yes I feel this has definitly happened and continues to happen…

A cautionary tale: the “Raw Vegan Village”
My only comment is I am NOT at all shocked by this. Way back when I first heard about it all…my gut feel was cynical and I wouldn’t have touched any negotiations with this couple with a barge pole. I feel a deep compassion for all those whose hearts trusted them.

14 keys to thriving as a Highly Sensitive Person
Thanks Sarah, excellent, just blogged it on Rainbowspace too. And emailed your blog link to several clients also πŸ™‚ xx

When raw gurus give dangerous advice
Excellent article… Took me two years to come to this conclusion. Being a firey Leo I really did radiate for a couple of years on very high fruit diet.. I was convinced it was the best ever, got deeply into natural hygiene AND the raw food elite who raved about the high fruit!!! After two years, I took a huge, heavy and depleting slump!! and it took me a good few months to find body harmony and balance again. WELL DONE for sharing. xx Ruthie