Thankyou Sarah for YOUR integrity in highlighting these issues. Yes, …

Comment on An overlooked essential for health and happiness by Paz.

Thankyou Sarah for YOUR integrity in highlighting these issues. Yes, the coming new age will require honesty, openness, fairness as well as love. We can be loving and forgiving but we have to love ourselves too and not let others abuse or take advantage of us.

Unfortunately, being raw or vegan does not necessarily mean someone has sorted themselves out on other levels. Having been involved in the “raw community” a number of years now, I have come across numerous individuals who have stolen, lied, deceived, been abusive or exploitative.

However, there are also very many earnest, dedicated, selfless, caring and truthful individuals involved too who genuinely wish to help their fellows (like yourself).

I have run my own business with integrity and fairness and been very (almost too) successful. If one wishes to succeed in life, one must treat others as one would wish be treated – the golden rule.

When dealing with anyone, raw or otherwise, discernment is always needed. Trust is gained and whilst it would be nice to assume everyone is trustworthy, this is alas not presently the case. We much use caution in any financial dealings and in regards to buying products and health advice.

People need to learn to tune into their own intuition and not blindly follow others whether they are respected raw gurus or spiritual leaders. Others can only be guides. The Truth is within us all…

Meanwhile, until we are more enlightened, it is good to have people with guts and a sense of justice to speak up against exploitation, abuse, deceit etc.

None of us is perfect. But it is usually in having our failings highlighted that we can learn to repent and amend our ways. And this applies to everyone however prominent or humble they are.

With the increasing frequencies affecting the planet as we align with the galactic central sun (2012), darkness and wrongdoing will more and more be exposed not just in the raw world but in politics, industry, business etc. Corruption must cease – and about time too! – as it destroys life and lives.