I really admire you Sarah for being pretty much the …

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I really admire you Sarah for being pretty much the only person brave enough to be working on exposing the dodgy things that are going on. Many will be threatened but they are the ones with things to hide. The rest of us give thanks you are willing to do this!

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My interview with Sally Roberts – and emergency appeal for Neon
absolutely heartbreaking and so disgusting how they are using neon and treating Sally – children are so intuitive and neon knows himself, this is not right for him……….

Sally Roberts’s open letter to David Cameron
What a heartbreaking letter 🙁 I have tears in my eyes at feeling Sally’s pain (well what I can imagine as I really have no idea).

It disgusts me what they are doing to this mother who clearly wants what’s best for her boy. I admire her so much and wish her and Neon the best.

Shame on all of those who are standing in their way of getting him the best treatment.

I don’t normally pray but I will be for Neon and that he will get through this

Please everyone donate!!!

So you grew up with a dad who didn’t know how to express love? Here’s how it could be affecting you today (part 2)
Such an important topic to talk about it – well done for bringing the attention to it that it deserves.

There are millions of women who suffer each day and the sadness and pain that they have, that never leaves them.

It’s obvious that it completely consumes people who come from childhoods like this. Feeling unloved by the very person that is responsible for their protection is heartbreaking and not enough people admit that they have done this to their kids, or even do anything to try to repair it.

I came from a childhood like this and I have to say that unless the father really wants to make up for the errors, the only way I have seen to heal and move on is to accept that it won’t change and to start and give yourself the love that you missed out on.

Waiting for people to change is often like waiting till the day you see that pigs fly.

This kind of parenting is an absolute epidemic proportions and so many women that become addicted to drugs, alcohol, or have abusive relationships, can pinpoint it directly to their childhoods.

I used to self-harm because I was in so much pain. I didn’t feel like anyone loved me, so my body copped a lot of abuse.

I am now 35 almost and I have accepted that I can’t have my childhood back or to have the relationship with my dad I wished I would have had, but the most powerful thing in my life right now is that I actually like myself and don’t worry about what anyone thinks.

Thats not to say that life is smooth for me. It’s so much better yes, but I am NOT an easy person for my husband to be with. He’s put up with a lot over the years, and even now I don’t actually know how to love him the way that I should. I guess, how can I, when I haven’t had a male authority figure show me the right way!

These articles are great, please keep doing more!

Why I applaud Sally Roberts for challenging doctors’ decision that her son needs risky radiotherapy
wonderful article Sarah! this story is so heartbreaking. I look at my Lola and I think could someone take her away from me?? And they could! I feel so bad for this mother as I know she is doing the right thing for her son! If he has the treatment and he does pass away, will the media say that the treatment killed him. I bet no!

The Raw Vegan Village: your reaction
Beautifully put!! I have seen a good response from your first article but where are the countless raw leaders?? Shouldn’t they want to protect their fans from losing money on something like this?