I have been struggling with moving from where I live …

Comment on 14 keys to thriving as a Highly Sensitive Person by basketball player.

I have been struggling with moving from where I live because I feel so hurt all the time by the people in my home town. After reading this I know it isn’t just my disorders I have been diagnosed with. I am highly sensitive so no matter where I live… I need to just do what I can handle and surround myself with people that will be respectful.

Over the last 5 years it seems I am always overwhelmed. Sports seem to be a huge challenge for me on arriving on time and handling the comments during the sports. Seems when I was younger I could handle the trash talk and now it breaks me down. To the point it is always on my mind for days what they said even in a joking matter.

I have been debating why I struggle so much. I have always enjoyed them and looked forward to the day of, but when it becomes time to get ready I seem to debate going. Which ultimately makes me frantic when I do try to get ready and leave the house. I have fun while there but it takes all the power I have inside me to actually go and put myself in that situation over and over now.

Before I was sensitive in almost every area but sports I was okay in. Then I randomly became sensitive in my sports and it has always been my escape to relax from being over sensitive and it makes me feel lost that I don’t have that now. Reading this helped me a lot so thank you. I understand myself a little better now.

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